Super Sunday: Waffles and Beer

Fall is here which means football which means food. Morning games are my favorite because I can make breakfast. Or do we call it brunch if it’s a party and alcohol is served? Anyway, this week’s menu inspiration came from Skillet Diner. Z took me there for my last birthday and we’ve been back already. He knows I love breakfast for dinner. It reminds me of rare nights when Dad was away and my Mom would make strange suppers, like spaghetti or pancakes. Eating a waffle with a cocktail feels like getting away with staying up late.

Mom never made cornmeal waffles but I think both she and Dad would like these. I used the basic King Arthur Flour Crunchy Cornmeal Waffles recipe without the optional ingredients or chili. Instead we had lots of sweet and savory bacon and maple syrup. The waffles didn’t turn out crisp like Skillet’s but I couldn’t talk anyone into complaining.

Sorry no photos this time. My phone died on Friday and I stupidly wasn’t able to get it replaced until today. It’s not like I don’t have other cameras in the house, but it’s a party and I’m lazy. Trust me, the waffles were gloriously golden and glistening under the syrup.

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