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Chocolate Raspberry Cake

For the Fourth of July, a rich, dark chocolate, raspberry cake celebrates the flavors of summer. The raspberries were harvested from Pahlman Farms, but the blueberries were store bought. Our blues won’t be ready for a couple of weeks yet. The frosting recipe was gleaned from Giada De Laurentiis’ Chocolate-Raspberry Layer Cake. The cake is triple layers of devil’s food from Cook’s Illustrated Magazine’s The New Best Recipe. I probably over-beat the batter as the layers came out a little thinner than expected, although they were still moist and had a light crumb.
Chocolate Raspberry Cake
The secret ingredient was a generous brushing over each layer with Chambord liqueur, which is optional if you are abstaining.
I served this a my father-in-law’s lake party. As soon as I began cutting, a line of appreciative friends and family began to form. I managed to sneak a slice for myself but forgot to set one aside for my husband at the grill station. Alas. Perhaps I only need an excuse to make it again.


Pope John Paul II rose

The first rose to bloom in my garden this year.

Pruning and weeding

The grounds here at Pahlman Farms are looking fine. Every week, I aim to fill a bin for the yard waste pickup. The climate here produces massive growth and only regular diligent application of cutters and pullers can stem the verdant tide. English ivy, holly, Himalayan blackberry and dandelions like cabbages get the stick eye and a ruthless yank.

Working at home is a pleasure now that it’s all finally looking somewhat trimmed into shape. My eyes and mind can be at rest. We’ll be staying here for a while and I’ve got no where else to be.

Irises at Pahlman Farms

Lavender sunrise at Pahlman Farms