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Pruning and weeding

The grounds here at Pahlman Farms are looking fine. Every week, I aim to fill a bin for the yard waste pickup. The climate here produces massive growth and only regular diligent application of cutters and pullers can stem the verdant tide. English ivy, holly, Himalayan blackberry and dandelions like cabbages get the stick eye and a ruthless yank.

Working at home is a pleasure now that it’s all finally looking somewhat trimmed into shape. My eyes and mind can be at rest. We’ll be staying here for a while and I’ve got no where else to be.

But now I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.

– Umberto Eco

Summer vacation

I’ve cooked more last week than in months. My parents were out to visit and it was non-stop party. BBQ steak and salmon, ice cream and blueberry cobbler for dessert, breakfast blueberry muffins, Thai BBQ chicken, summer salads, and fresh lemonade, not to mention all the delicious meals out visiting with our friends and extended families. No pictures though, being ridiculously distracted and with Internet-shy family members.

Winter Blues

The early dark has me feeling tired and melancholy. Loads to do at home before Christmas and sprinting to the finish at work.

I’m distracted by a couple of health issues. No worries, I am feeling fine. Just frustrated dealing with the medipharminsurancopoly. My liquid gold renewal is hung up in red tape and another doctor casually prescribed me a med that was completely inappropriate for me. It’s a good thing I can read and understand the package insert.

This morning we woke to a chilly 55° indoors. The oil company we pay for auto-fill service neglected to top off our tank last spring and we ran out of oil before winter set in. Luckily a tech was out to give us an emergency 10 gallon and service our furnace before mid-afternoon. I should be pleased by the quick Saturday service call except the same thing happened last year. Time to shop for a new oil provider. Any suggestions?