Monthly Archives: December 2011

Winter Blues

The early dark has me feeling tired and melancholy. Loads to do at home before Christmas and sprinting to the finish at work.

I’m distracted by a couple of health issues. No worries, I am feeling fine. Just frustrated dealing with the medipharminsurancopoly. My liquid gold renewal is hung up in red tape and another doctor casually prescribed me a med that was completely inappropriate for me. It’s a good thing I can read and understand the package insert.

This morning we woke to a chilly 55° indoors. The oil company we pay for auto-fill service neglected to top off our tank last spring and we ran out of oil before winter set in. Luckily a tech was out to give us an emergency 10 gallon and service our furnace before mid-afternoon. I should be pleased by the quick Saturday service call except the same thing happened last year. Time to shop for a new oil provider. Any suggestions?