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Amelia of the Roses


Neko Case at Sasquatch

@nekocase @sasquatch2014

Pope John Paul II rose

The first rose to bloom in my garden this year.

Pruning and weeding

The grounds here at Pahlman Farms are looking fine. Every week, I aim to fill a bin for the yard waste pickup. The climate here produces massive growth and only regular diligent application of cutters and pullers can stem the verdant tide. English ivy, holly, Himalayan blackberry and dandelions like cabbages get the stick eye and a ruthless yank.

Working at home is a pleasure now that it’s all finally looking somewhat trimmed into shape. My eyes and mind can be at rest. We’ll be staying here for a while and I’ve got no where else to be.

Irises at Pahlman Farms

Lavender sunrise at Pahlman Farms